I'd like to welcome you to the home where my family has lived for generations. I hope you'll enjoy your stay, and I look forward to sharing this beautiful space with you.

Kiki Accetta

English and Italian spoken for your convenience


Welcome to Villa Accetta

Your dream of sipping wine or coffee on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean can become a reality at splendid Villa Accetta. Owned by the Accetta family for generations, the villa in Gaeta offers a peaceful refuge only an hour away from the tourist sites in Rome or Pompeii, and is the only villa holiday let offering access to a private beach. The four fully furnished apartments of Villa Accetta sit atop Roman foundations but contain all the modern amenities that make a holiday comfortable.

You can find your own respite from the chaotic modern world, sheltered above the waters of Artacia Fons ... here at Villa Accetta.

Villa Accetta is an aristocratic home of great charm on the Gulf of Gaeta. The villa offers vacationing visitors a peaceful escape with its lush gardens, its airy apartments and broad terraces overlooking the sea. Built on Roman foundations, the property sits above the fresh-water spring called Artacia Fons that flows into the sea. Homer, Dante, Virgil and Ovid all wrote about this spring, where Ulysses and his crew found drinkable water after months at sea.

Villa Accetta sits at the edge of the picturesque town of Gaeta, with its ancient Roman ruins, medieval city and castle, ancient churches and shops, bars, trattoria, restaurants, pizzerias and gelaterias. All the apartments have views across the Gulf to the old city of Gaeta. Villa Accetta is one of the very few private residences with this much adjoining space for intimate holidays, family reunions, celebrations and group vacations, and is the ideal place to spend a serene, peaceful holiday, within day-trip distance of Rome or Naples, but with none of the noise and chaos of the cities. The Villa's private beach and private parking are a premium on the Gulf of Gaeta, which attracts lovers of water sports such as swimming, sailing, snorkeling and sail-boarding. The surrounding mountains offer hiking opportunities. Or, if you choose, you can lie by the sea, soak up the sun, and relax. The two towns adjacent to the villa, Gaeta and Formia, offer wonderful restaurants that serve seafood caught daily in the bay. The accessibility of the train makes Villa Accetta an excellent home base for exploration of the entire area, without having to deal with city traffic.

The Apartments

The villa, which has been owned by the Accetta family for generations, has four fully furnished apartments with beautifully appointed bathrooms, ranging from a studio that sleeps two to a two-bedroom spacious apartment with a full terrace that sleeps up to six. Each apartment is available to rent separately, or the whole villa, which sleeps up to 18, is available for family or corporate groups who wish to spend a holiday together with the luxury of individual residences. Parking is adjacent to the property.


The Sea

Each apartment has a stunning sea view. Steps lead from the large, panoramic terraces down to the seashore and the villa's private beach with sun chairs and umbrellas. The breathtaking beauty of the Ulysses Riviera, on the coast halfway between Rome and Naples, attracts visitors from around the world, and is an area of great historical importance. Many of the patrician families of ancient Rome built summer villas on this coast, as do the wealthy families of Rome to this day.

They went, and kept the wheel’s
smooth-beaten road
Which to the city drew the mountain wood;
When lo! they met, beside a crystal spring,
The daughter of Antiphates the king;
She to Artacia’s silver streams came down;
(Artacia’s streams alone supply the town)
 - Homer, The Odyssey